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I've handled  criminal cases including felonies and misdemeanors of all varieties.  I have completed 44 jury felony trials combined as a prosecutor and defense counsel. I've handled  innumerable misdemeanor cases involving plea negotiating and bench trials and numerous dui's. Trials I've been involved  include such  charges such as Depositing a Bomb (Dangerous),  Armed Robbery (Dangerous), Aggravated Assault (Dangerous), Possession and Paraphernalia (All Types), Possession for Sale (All Types), Theft, Burglary, Forgery, Resisting Arrest, Unlawful Use of a Vehicle, and Unlawful Flight. Disorderly Conduct with a Weapon, Aggravated DUI, and Child Abuse. Many of the same principles apply to all criminal cases my experience has shown me. I look forward to utilize this experience  to help you.

Kirk Smith on Criminal Defense

I received my  juris doctorate from Drake University Law School in Des Moines, Iowa, in May of 2001. I moved to Arizona immediately following law school and have lived her ever since. I have family like many others so I can emphasize with what it must feel like when that former basis of security is coming to an end.  

Too many times, however, the parties to a divorce or custody case are driven by their own stress, worry, and conflicted feelings, which  may lead them to make poor decisions. While flexibility is needed to broker cooperative agreements between parties, assertiveness must also be present when those deals fly South. I try to strike that balance with my clients in achieving their goals. 

Kirk Smith on Family Law